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Einen Großkonzern führen, nach der Weltherrschaft greifen, die Konkurrenz mit schmutzigen Tricks ins Abseits manövrieren und das alles bei nur 15 Minuten. Syndicates spielt in der nahen Zukunft, in der Großkonzerne zu den wahren Herrschern geworden sind. Die Welt ist korrupt Ob als Dieb oder Händler, es gibt viele in Syndicates erfolgreich zu sein. Du übernimmst die Top Online Spiele. Syndicates - eine Wirtschaftssimulation mit einer Spieltiefe, die seines Gleichen sucht. Syndicates - Das Browsergame ist hier: Syndicates - Das Browsergame - Wenn Konzerne die Welt regieren. [Änderungen Runde ] - Die Fraktion NoFZur Runde hatten wir. In Syndicates online haben Konzerne die Politik entmachtet und wetteifern nun um Einfluss, Land und Ressourcen. Dazu schließen sich immer.

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nur 15 Minuten Spielzeit am Tag? Problemlos möglich bei unserem kostenlosen Multiplayerspiel Syndicates. AG (#92), NEB, , Syndicates ist ein Spiel aus dem Genre Strategie. Der erste Release des Spiels war am für die Plattform Online. Auf dieser Seite und in der dazugehörigen​. In Syndicates online haben Konzerne die Politik entmachtet und wetteifern nun um Einfluss, Land und Ressourcen. Dazu schließen sich immer.

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It may refer to a business concern that sells materials for publication newspaper, radio, TV, internet in a number of outlets simultaneously, or a group of newspapers under one management.

A syndicate, labor syndicate [3] or worker's syndicate can also mean a trade union. This usage mirrors the common meaning of the word's etymological cousins in languages such as French and Spanish.

In this sense, the term is also associated with anarchist theory, specifically anarcho-syndicalism , in which trade unions form an alternative to both the nation state and capitalist corporations.

Anarchists, syndicalists, and other libertarian socialists use the word "syndicate" to refer to an enterprise managed by its workers.

Such an enterprise is governed by a face-to-face meeting of everyone who works there, in which each worker has one vote. Either there are no managers, or the managers are directly elected and recallable.

In either case, the most important decisions are made collectively by the whole workforce. This is known as workers' self-management. Crime syndicates are formed to coordinate, promote, and engage in organized crime , running common illegal businesses on a large, national, or international scale.

The subunit of the syndicate is a crime family or clan, organized by blood relationships, as seen in the Italian Mafia and the Italian American Mafia crime families the Five Families dominating New York City crime, namely, the Gambino crime family , Genovese crime family , Lucchese crime family , Bonanno crime family , and the Colombo crime family.

In media, syndicates are organizations by name and credit. A news ticker, residing in the lower third of the television screen image, usually shows syndicated news stories.

Print syndication distributes news articles , columns , comic strips , and other features to newspapers , magazines and websites.

A group formed of several business entities, like companies or corporations , which share common interests in a market but usually are not direct competitors.

Larger companies or corporations form syndicates to strengthen their position in the market. Internet companies and corporations, focusing on various Internet ventures, tend to form syndicates within their own group, with direct competitors involved.

In such cases, they share a certain type of market, like brand management or search engine optimization , and usually form a Conglomerate Syndicate.

They may be syndicated nationally or internationally. A sales syndicate is a cartel with a joint sales agency. The organizational merger of the sales departments of the individual enterprises caused an increased dependence of the cartel member on the cartel administration.

This in trend stabilized these combinations. Some headquarters and other premises of these syndicate cartels have remained up to the present although their monument status as historical buildings is politically not accepted because not wanted.

In finance, a bank syndicate, often referred to simply as a syndicate, is a group of banks lending a usually large amount of money for a specific purpose and to one single borrower.

Syndicated loans are loans underwritten by a bank syndicate and are more common in the US, where financial markets are in corporate ownership rather than private equity markets as in Europe or South America.

Insurance contracts contracts of indemnity processed under the syndicate form of business organization date to the Hammurabi Code.

The notion of insurance syndicate as a process for supplying indemnity was first codified in Lex Rhodia and is still used today as shipping's Law of General Average.

It is canon to the operation of the insurance syndicate that the liability of the suppliers of surplus is several and not joint.

This means that members or subscribers at insurance syndicates obligate themselves to a precise individual separate and several liability rather a joint liability.

Insurance syndicates are not "incorporated" and may not be incorporated: the US Supreme Court has held in Roby v Lloyd's [5] that insurance syndicates have no separate existence.

Some insurance markets such as Lloyd's of London provide insurance coverage underwritten by syndicates of investors who bear the full liability for meeting the costs of any claims.

Each member of the syndicate has several liability which is a full and unfettered liability for the costs and expenses for the consequences of the underwriting entered into by the syndicate.

In the United States there are four major insurance syndicates that supply indemnity through the several liability of their syndicate names - which are called subscribing members.

Because these arrangements are neither public nor regulated, they are hard to describe and attribute. Lottery syndicates are formed to pool tickets thus increasing the chances of winning.

Lottery syndicates are more common in the UK and Europe in general. They are legal in the US, but legal problems are regularly reported.

Researchers argue that syndicates may reduce the potential for market failure in crowdfunding, a method that allows creators to raise funds for projects from many different investors through online platforms.

Equity crowdfunding allows creators to issue equity to investors when they make an investment in the project. In equity crowdfunding, information asymmetry between the creator and investor may result in a variety of problems and, in some cases, market failure.

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SYNDICATE Merchandise-Artikel. Syndicates ist ein Spiel aus dem Genre Strategie. Der erste Release des Spiels war am für die Plattform Online. Auf dieser Seite und in der dazugehörigen​. Geld verdienen mit dem Syndicates-online Partnerprogramm bei AdKlick. AdView Werbung durch Affiliate Partnerprogramme. nur 15 Minuten Spielzeit am Tag? Problemlos möglich bei unserem kostenlosen Multiplayerspiel Syndicates. AG (#92), NEB, , Syndicates ist ein Browsergame. Es geht darum einen Konzern zu gründen und es zum besten und erfolgreichsten Unternehmen aller Zeiten zu machen.

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